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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Mar 28, 2015

Thursday’s 2015-16 provincial budget left Albertans with plenty to talk about. Premier Jim Prentice’s much anticipated first budget included a hike to sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco and fuel, higher fees for an assortment of paperwork, increased traffic fines and an end to Alberta’s 10 per cent flat tax for the high income earners. It also imposes a new health tax on most Albertans, while shielding the province’s lowest income earners. The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s weekly politics podcast, focuses this week on that budget which everyone expects the Progressive Conservatives to campaign on in just a few short weeks. Provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons, along with legislature reporters Karen Kleiss and Mariam Ibrahim, sat down together Friday morning in the newsroom studio to talk about the spending and revenue plan delivered by Finance minister Robin Campbell. The quintet also talk about Saturday’s Wildrose leadership vote and the contest to lead Alberta’s official opposition.