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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

May 22, 2015

The Press Gallery 88*: The Cheaper by the Dozen Edition More than two weeks after the provincial election, we now have some idea of what Rachel Notley’s new government is going to look like, and what some of their initial moves will be as they step into the offices of power for the first time. For this episode, we’ll give you the goods on what to expect from Notley’s inaugural cabinet, the names to watch as potential ministers, and what the NDP has to do to handle the mountain of expectations accompanying them to the legislature. We’ll also explore the dynamics of what is perhaps the new government’s first significant controversy, in which the party has been accused of turning the swearing-in ceremony into a “partisan fundraising shakedown.” Guest host Keith Gerein talks with provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim, city columnist Paula Simons and legislature columnist Graham Thomson about all this and more. As usual, the show concludes with the panel’s Good Stuff from the Gallery picks. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Paula’s pick: Coming Out: A Gay Marriage Opponent Changes his Mind by Michael Coren Mariam’s pick: How Rachel Notley Became Canada’s Most Surprising Political Star by Colby Cosh Keith’s pick: The Hierarchy of Humanities Schadenfreude by Rebecca Shuman Graham’s Pick: South Dakotans may not like Obama, but they’d like to see the President by Greg Jaffe