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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jul 3, 2015

The summer legislative session is over, but a few announcements made big news in Alberta politics. There was a $1.1 billion provincial budget surplus carrying over from last year, the first announced hike to the minimum wage and a Postmedia poll that suggests the Wildrose would form government if an election was held today. This week on The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s politics podcast, reporters Sheila Pratt and Mariam Ibrahim join provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson and host Brent Wittmeier to talk about what all that money might mean. Good Stuff from the Gallery, a weekly segment, concludes the show. Mariam's pick: Toronto Star political reporter Robert Benzie's story, Revealed: The Kathleen Wynne documentary that can't be broadcast: Graham's pick: Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice. A political thriller about an American financier who headed the largest investment fund in post-Soviet Russia. Sheila's Pick: Where We Buried The Sun by Alla Tumanov. The memoir of an Edmonton immigrant from Russia, where she was involved in an underground political movement and was forced to spend five years in the Soviet prison system. Brent's pick: Brock Harrison, former Wildrose staffer, on Derek Fildebrandt and the fine art of political trolling: