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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Aug 30, 2019

Two flimsy, stapled pages formed the entirety of the province's first-quarter fiscal update this week, leading Alberta politics watchers to wonder — where's the rest?

Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with guests Keith Gerein and Clare Clancy to dive into what that was such an odd turn of events, and what it means for Alberta.

The team also tackles two new auditor reports released this week, and drags education reporter Janet French into the studio to talk seclusion rooms and school funding challenges.

Good stuff from the Gallery

Clare's pick: This incredible long read from Elle magazine about two sisters and the terrorist that came between them.

Emma's pick: For the science nerds among us, Emma recommends the excellent Washington Post Moonrise podcast, which tells the tale of nuclear brinkmanship, backroom politics, and science fiction — all thanks to mankind's race to the moon.

Keith's pick: This fascinating long read out of the UK about folks who are decidedly ungrateful for their social worker.