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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 1, 2018

As the sun sets on another Alberta summer, the Press Gallery panel looks back on a highly eventful week that could foreshadow some endings for both politicians and projects. The fate of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is now certainly in doubt following a stunning Federal Court of Appeal decision that quashes the project's approval. That, in turn, could spell goodbye to Premier Rachel Notley's NDP government, which is already facing a difficult road to re-election in 2019 and staked much of its political capital on getting the pipeline constructed. And finally, it's so long to our long-time legislature columnist Graham Thomson, who recorded his final Press Gallery podcast on his last day of work for the Edmonton Journal. Tune in to hear Thomson's thoughts on what the court decision will mean for the pipeline's future and whether Notley can survive the blow. Joining Thomson for his sendoff are city columnist Paula Simons, legislature reporter Clare Clancy, and health reporter Keith Gerein as guest host.