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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Oct 27, 2017

From the UCP leadership race to the Sturgeon River-Parkland federal byelection, this week was all about casting votes for some Albertans.  The Press Gallery podcast team takes a look at both those ballots, as well as a flying visit by the Prime Minister, which didn't seem to leave much of a dent in the support for Conservative candidate Dane Lloyd.  The team also mulls over the kerfuffle surrounding a sex ed learning plan proposed by Alberta's catholic schools, and the resulting political fallout. Join host Emma Graney with guests Janet French, Clare Clancy, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson for your weekly dose of Alberta politics analysis.  Good stuff from the gallery Clare's pick: This Esquire piece about the secretive family making billions off the opioid crisis.  Paula's pick: Jeff Flake's full speech about why he's not running for re-election.  Emma's pick: Anything you can get your hands on about the tumultuous times in Aussie politics, after the High Court found deputy PM Barnaby Joyce (and others) ineligible to have run for office. For starters, try  this ABC piece and this story in The Australian. Graham's pick: Graham doesn't like Emma very much, so he recommended James Wood's piece in the Calgary Herald profiling the three men running for UCP leader. Graham says you can read Emma's absurdly long profile piece here and let him know what you think. **You can find all the links to Good Stuff recommendations here: