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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 17, 2017

With the Alberta government announcing rules around legal marijuana legislation this week, we finally we get to use this much-awaited pun for the podcast title.  Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with guests Dave Breakenridge, Paula Simons and Clare Clancy to talk all things weed, from retail sales plans to new legislation around impaired driving. The team also asks what on earth former Alberta Party leader Greg Clark was smoking when he stood down, and the newly announced byelection (or high-election ... sorry) for Calgary-Lougheed.   Good stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: Basically all the latest developments in news coming out of Zimbabwe, with rolling coverage from the BBC and the Guardian.  Paula's pick: The outstanding musical Hadestown, playing The Citadel to iron out all the kinks before it hits Broadway.  Emma's pick: Is it obscene, or free speech? This piece in the Washington Post about the fallout from a Texas sheriff's search for an anti-Trump sticker.  Dave's pick: This podcast episode from Uproxx, explaining to Americans what The Tragically Hip meant to Canada.