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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Feb 17, 2018

That's right, British Columbia — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has had enough of your nonsense about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. It's payback time.  Join host Emma Graney with guests Paula Simons, Janet French and Dave Breakridge to talk about Notley's plans and the work ahead of Alberta's market access task force, which met for the first time this week. The team also takes a look at changes to school board superintendent salaries, and money Alberta Party leadership hopeful Stephen Mandel has to pay back to that party. As an added bonus (?), you'll also get to hear a sterling rendition of The A-Team theme song.   Good Stuff from the Gallery Janet's pick: In the wake of the Stanley verdict, this excellent column by veteran Saskatchewan court reporter Barb Pacholik about jury composition in that province.  Paula's pick: Also on the Stanley-Boushie case, this thoughtful and confronting column by Robert Jago, now featured on Rabble.  Emma's pick: The New York Times coverage of the Westminster Dog Show, featuring photos and vignettes.  Dave's pick: This column by Jen Gerson in The Walrus about Patrick Brown, and what kind of leader he is. Subscribe to The Press Gallery on iTunes or Google Play or wherever you podcast. ** You can find all the Good Stuff links at