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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Feb 23, 2018

Another week, another battle in the pipeline war — but the whole thing seems to be simmering down after a tiny little backtrack by B.C. on Thursday.  Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with hosts Clare Clancy, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson to talk about the latest developments and what they mean for Alberta and the NDP government.  The team also wades into the Auditor General's report around the failure of Alberta's billion-dollar class size initiative.   Good Stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: This depressing but vital read on Wired about the final voyage of the Nautilus submarine and resulting death of journalist Kim Wall. Paula's pick: This excellent interview with Canadians novelist Heather O'Neill. Emma's pick: This piece in New York Magazine called The Poison We Pick about the deadly opioid epidemic.  Graham's pick: The Columbia Journalism Review's daily look at news around the world and how it's being covered.