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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Oct 15, 2015

There could be some seismic shakeups in government in coming days. Or none whatsoever. After another acrimonious debate over the Edmonton Catholic School's gender and sexual orientation and gender identity policy, Education Minister David Eggen has brought in an outside advisor to help the board with governance. Three days before Monday's federal election, we also talk about the prospects of a Liberal government, and whether the NDP's final forays into Alberta, will win any votes. This week on The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s politics podcast, city columnist Paula Simons, provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim and education reporter Alexandra Zabjek join host Brent Wittmeier to aggregate opinions. Good Stuff from the Gallery, a weekly segment, concludes the show. Alexandra's pick: Why a Boston Suburb Combined Its High School and Senior Center, by Amy Crawford Paula's pick: Lord help me, I just voted for a Trudeau, by Rick Harcourt Mariam's pick: Inside the fight of Stephen Harper's life, by Paul Wells Brent's pick: We Need an Energy Miracle, an interview with Bill Gates by James Bennet