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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 24, 2015

Veteran Edmonton-area MLA Doug Horner announced suddenly this week that he is leaving politics and calling it quits at the end of the month. The Press Gallery, the Journal’s weekly politics podcast, looks at what Horner’s departure means for the PC party, Premier Jim Prentice’s government and Horner personally. The former finance minister and one-time Progressive Conservative leadership contender said he’d leave it up to the history books to discuss his time in former premier Alison Redford’s cabinet. But why wait for the history books? Podcast host and Journal assignment editor Sarah O’Donnell talks with the Journal’s provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, reporter Mariam Ibrahim and city columnist Paula Simons about Horner’s 14-year political career. The other big question: who will be next to leave the PC caucus. The answer: just an hour after the show Friday recorded, another Edmonton MLA Fred Horne, announced he also wrapping up his career in the Alberta legislature. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Graham’s pick: Did Civil War Soldiers have PTSD? By Tony Horwitz Paula’s picks: From boozy breaks to getting ‘blotto,’ councillors hurl accusations of colleagues alcohol use by Jason Markusoff Council shot down alcohol ban in the past, official says by Jason Markusoff Council’s “blotto” process by the Herald’s editorial board Sarah’s picks: Quebec father refuses to take down snow fort in front yard after city determines it’s a safety hazard by Kathryn Greenaway Yan Lefebvre, dad in center of snow fort storm, is interviewed on CBC’s As it Happens Mariam’s pick: Welcome to Winnipeg: Where Canada’s racism problem is at its worst by Nancy Macdonald Winnipeg mayor ready to race racism ‘head on’ by Bartley Kives and Adam Wazny