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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 18, 2016

It wasn't quite a square dance, but PC MLA Sandra Jansen crossing the floor to the NDP this week certainly had a swing your partner round and round feel to it. Join The Press Gallery podcast team Paula Simons, Sarah O'Donnell, Keith Gerein and host Emma Graney as they talk through the ramifications of Jansen's switch, the kerfuffle around a PC delegate selection meeting on Wednesday night and the NDP's announcement about affordable childcare. Good stuff from the gallery Sarah's pick: NPR's Marketplace podcast, which explains economics and the markets in a way we can all understand. Keith's pick: Washington Post writer Caitlin Dewey's piece in which she talks to a Facebook fake-news writer who thinks he may have inadvertently landed Donald Trump in the Whitehouse. Emma's pick: Broken Homes, an investigation by Linton Besser at Four Corners into Australia's failing residential foster care system, and the children being hurt as a result. Paula's pick: Just in time for Trudeau's visit, Argentina has declared war on the Canadian beaver. An article by Tristan Hopper in the National Post.