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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 25, 2016

Why you gotta be so mean, Alberta? Now MLA Sandra Jansen has been assigned a security detail. The Press Gallery podcast team Sarah O'Donnell, Paula Simons and Stuart Thomson join host Emma Graney to talk about Jansen's first speech as an NDP MLA this week, and politicians from all sides of the house vowing to do better, as they call for more human interactions on their social media channels. The podcast team also takes a look at the raft of power announcements made by government this week, including electricity price caps, more on the coal phaseout, power purchase arrangement settlements and basically turning the entire power system on its head by moving to a capacity market structure, and the life and death of four-year-old Serenity, a child in care who died in heartbreaking circumstances. Good stuff from the gallery Sarah's picks: A trio of pieces to get you thinking about electronic voting - Experts urging the Clinton campaign to challenge election results in three swing states, a piece about whether the U.S. election could have been hacked, and an op-ed by the University of Alberta's dean of science, Jonathan Schaeffer. Paula's pick: As we all prepare to binge-watch the Gilmore Girls this weekend, Richard Warnica's piece in the National Post on what became of the Huntzberger newspaper chain. Emma's pick: An analysis in the New York Times about folks not being quite so set on oceanside real estate these days, thanks to climate change, and how that's hit the industry. Stuart's pick: A look at the Jason Kenney campaign's march toward "power, delicious power," by Jason Markusoff in Maclean's magazine.