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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Dec 2, 2016

The Press Gallery #161: The Pipes, Polls and Perps edition For those who haven’t heard, there was a little announcement out of Ottawa this week that could have a profound impact on Alberta and the fortunes of its political parties. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his government has approved two pipeline projects touted to improve Alberta’s economy, raise the price the province can get for its oil and increase production in the oilsands. Trudeau credited the pipeline approvals to Premier Rachel Notley’s plan to introduce a carbon tax and phase out coal–generated power, vindicating her argument that environmental action gives Alberta the “social licence” to sell more oil. But conservative politicians weren’t exactly joining the NDP’s celebration, pointing out Notley had to accept a much higher carbon tax of $50 per tonne. And the approval of pipelines doesn’t mean they will actually get built, they noted, since significant opposition to the projects still exists in B.C. Columnists Gary Lamphier (appearing for the last time), Paula Simons, and Graham Thomson wade through all of the ins and outs of these issues, and discuss how it might play out both economically and politically. The group also discusses a recent break-in at Wildrose headquarters in Edmonton and some new poll numbers that show a tight race in the province. Good stuff from the Gallery: Paula’s pick: The Taxi Unicorn’s New Clothes. A report about Uber’s business model. By Izabella Kaminska writing for the Financial Times of London Keith’s pick: Theodore H. White Seminar on Press and Politics, put on by the Kennedy School at Harvard University. A panel discussion about the 2016 election and news coverage featuring: Bob Schieffer, Nancy Kaffer, Derrick Z. Jackson, and Michael Tomasky. Gary’s pick: Fidel Castro: The Vanity Fair Interview. By Ann Louise Branch. Republished from the magazine’s March 1994 issue. Graham’s pick: Recent columns by Gary Lamphier in the Edmonton Journal.