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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Dec 9, 2016

For the past few weeks, question period in the Alberta Legislature has been dominated by the death of four-year-old Serenity, who died while in government care. It all came to a head this week with more questions around when the RCMP received case files necessary for their investigation. The result was a call for the resignation of Human Services Minister Irfan Sabir — but he's not going anywhere. Join host Emma Graney as she chats with Edmonton Journal columnists Paula Simons and Graham Thomson, and opinion page editor Sarah O'Donnell, about the case and the political fallout this week. The team also has a look one economist's poetic — if not entirely grammatically correct — forecast of Alberta's economy being "less bad" next year, and a demonstration at the legislative building in Edmonton last weekend. Good stuff from the gallery Sarah's pick: An Ottawa Citizen column by Terry Glavin, detailing the danger of Justin Trudeau breaking his election reform promise. Paula's pick: Tristan Hopper's piece about the rise and dizzying fall of the Grand Prairie Dinosaur Museum. Emma's pick: A sweet story (geddit?) about an artist in Western Australia who turned 450 kilos of sugar into an art installation. Graham's pick: Notley Nation: How Alberta’s Political Upheaval Swept the Country, by Don Braid and Sydney Sharpe.