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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 18, 2014

Premier Jim Prentice moved quickly to put his stamp on the Alberta Legislature this week, as he unveiled his new cabinet team, announced a series of appointments to high profile posts and moved quickly to permanently ground the provincial government’s airplane saga. The Press Gallery podcast’s host Sarah O’Donnell talks with her own cabinet of politics watchers – Journal columnists Graham Thomson and Paula Simons, and provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim — about who’s in and who’s out of the inner government circle and their thoughts on some of the surprise choices for Prentice’s new management team. The panel also weighs in on Prentice’s news that the government will sell its fleet of planes, instead requiring officials to travel exclusively by commercial or charter flights. And with a premier and two cabinet ministers without seats in the Legislature, their conversation inevitably turns to by-elections. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Sarah’s pick: Alberta’s New Cabinet Quiz by Lucas Timmons Graham’s pick The Atlantic special issue: World War I – How the Great War Made the Modern World Mariam’s pick: Cyber Insecurity: What we don’t know about Canada’s digital spy agency Paula’s pick: The Last Amazon: Wonder Woman Returns by Jill LePore