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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 26, 2014

Premier Jim Prentice and his newly formed cabinet have done their best in the last two weeks to woo Albertans. The Press Gallery convenes with host Sarah O’Donnell, provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons and health reporter Keith Gerein to review some of the issues Prentice and his cabinet colleagues have tackled in what is, theoretically at least, their honeymoon phase with voters. The politics podcast includes a look at the Progressive Conservative government’s latest accountability pledge, how Alberta’s new health minister Stephen Mandel has handled his first few days with a tough file and a discussion about the government’s latest dust-up with privacy commissioner Jill Clayton. With a premier and two cabinet ministers who are not also sitting MLAs, by-election talk also in unavoidable. Good Stuff from the Gallery links: Sarah’s picks: Danger, Danger, RSA is investing in Alabama: Op-ed by David Bronner David Bronner says Alabama “irresponsible” on Medicaid by Patrick Rupinski Alabama’s Ace Investment by Jenny Price Wikipedia entry on David Bronner, CEO of Retirement Systems of Alabama Keith’s pick: The Alberta Rural Physician Action plan: 2013-14 annual report Graham’s pick: Sky Guide Sky Guide review: A great way to identify the stars above Paula’s picks: Emma Watson at the HeforShe Campaign 2014: United Nations video Shimon Peres goes Job Hunting by the Jerusalem Post