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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 9, 2015

The start of a new year did not reboot Alberta's political scene. That means the first Edmonton Journal politics podcast of 2015 picks up where it left off. Provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons and senior reporter Sheila Pratt join The Press Gallery’s host Sarah O’Donnell to talk about the ongoing fall-out from the mega-defection of nine Wildrose MLAs to the Progressive Conservatives. The panel also review’s ethics commissioner Marguerite Trussler’s report on Education minister Gordon Dirks’ portable classroom choices during his Calgary-Elbow by-election and U.S. President Barack Obama’s new hardline on the Keystone XL pipeline. The show wraps up with Good Stuff from the Gallery, a weekly segment where panelist suggest an interesting book, article or show they think listeners might also enjoy. Good Stuff from the Gallery Paula’s pick: Fund-raising campaign aims at solving Detroit rape case by Tresa Baldas Sarah’s pick: Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter by the Fredrick News-Post editorial board Kirby Delauter, Who Didn’t Want His Name in a News Story, Apologizes by Krishnadev Calamur Sheila’s pick: Forgiveness: A Gift From my Grandparents by Mark Sakamoto Book review: They were suspended in a dustbowl of a terrible dream’ Book review: ‘They were suspended in a dustbowl of a terrible dream’ by Patricia Treble Graham’s pick: How remarkable that a humour magazine has led the fight against fanaticism by Andrew Coyne We are all Charlie Hebdo by the National Post editorial board We are all Charlie Hebdo by the Edmonton Journal’s editorial board Edmonton Journal cartoonist Malcolm Mayes reacts to Paris terrorist attack Sword, meet pen: Editorial cartoonists around the world react by Ashley Csandy