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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 16, 2015

The plummeting price of oil is dominating all political debate in Alberta this week. The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s weekly politics podcast, followed suit. Business columnist Gary Lamphier, city columnist Paula Simons and join host Sarah O’Donnell to talk about why oil prices are falling and what the impact may be here in Alberta on taxes, spending and the civil service. The panel also talks about the changes already shaking Alberta’s economy. Good Stuff from the Gallery Graham’s picks: Everything can be laughed about, because everything can be discussed by Andrew Coyne With some exceptions, being offended by what we see before us is a choice by Andrew Coyne Charlie Hebdo’s fight remains our fight by Andrew Coyne Gary’s picks: Zamboni garage – minus Zamboni – cost $832,000: province by Mariam Ibrahim Province’s promises for legislature grounds melt away by Paula Simons Bill Maher show: Maher talks with Salman Rushdie discuss Charlie Hebdo, free speech & terrorism (warning: curse words) Sarah’s pick: York & Fig: the Intersection of Change from Marketplace’s Wealth & Poverty desk Paula’s pick: The Secret State of North Korea from Frontline