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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 30, 2015

There are so many moving parts in the Alberta legislature right now it’s easy to lose track of the changes as people swap party allegiances or announce plans to leave provincial politics at a rapid fire pace. City columnist Paula Simons, provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson and senior reporter Sheila Pratt join host Sarah O’Donnell this week on The Press Gallery podcast to sort through the changes. The weekly provincial politics podcast looks at the veteran Progressive Conservative MLAs leaving, Liberal leader Raj Sherman’s decision to resign and why Premier Jim Prentice doesn’t seem to feel bad about any of it. And that’s just the short list. Good Stuff from the Gallery Graham’s pick: Why do the best soldiers in the world keep losing? By James Fallows Paula’s pick: Homeless on the Street from The Current Sarah’s pick: Selling the Moon: Part 1 from Under the Influence Sheila’s pick: Your Fatwa does not apply here by Karima Bennoune